A Beginning and a List

I am such a dreamer, and probably not an eloquent one at that; all the same I am determined to follow through with my dream of creating a space full of inspiration and happiness, a little corner of the internet where there is joy.

I think it’s easy to stare at things that you want, but don’t have, and doubt your own ability to achieve them.  When in fact if you spent the same amount of time working, as you spent staring, you would easily have acquired your dreams.  I think that is how I have spent a few too many years of my life so now it is time to be vigilant.  Alas I am writing out my New Years Resolutions, to hold myself accountable.  Unfortunately I used to feel negatively about New Years Resolutions, I tend to be semi-skeptical of them because they seem to be easily forgotten for many people. But if this blog is about anything, it is about: believing in people, believing in dreams, and working hard to achieve success. So without further ado:

My List (call them New Years Resolutions if you must)
1. Start to learn Swedish
2. Thrift shop weekly
3. Blog
4. Make time to exercise
5. Work on time management
6. Be creative each day
7. Eat Healthily
8. Take more photos
9. Find ways to make other people happy

Happy 2013.. here’s to a successful year!


Found this awesome tattoo, something about it is very dreamy, delicate and wistful. Although that might just be the photography/lighting talking?


Pocket Full of Sunshine

Combine a glass container with a combination of all things yellow and you get a bottle full of sunshine! I mean who can look at one of these and not have their day brightened?

cue catchy music. Maybe you need a bottle of sunshine right now? or possibly just need to give one away? What’s stopping you? both will increase your happiness immensely. Share some sunshine!

One of my good friends, Andrea, was being wonder woman in her winter classes. Therefore we were limited in our “bonding time” during my last break to zero contact (besides occasional text messages) so I took the great idea from Elizabeth on Delightfully Tacky to send snail mail!  Of course not any old stationary would do for this endeavor, so i set out to make a fun handmade letter and envelope.

Here’s the unexpected twist: she sent me a personalized letter too! I was so surprised, I guess I was thinking that she was too busy and wouldn’t send one, and then bam! there was a letter for me in my mail box.  I was so excited, look how cute she made it! oh and notice, she made the envelope too (that shows real care!) because it is necessary to clothe your letters only in the most loved envelopes. When possible make each letter their own custom outfits, it’s the difference between love and LOVE. 😀

YAY for handmade mail. I think it definitely made both of us smile a little more.

All Shoe-d Out

I found some relatively cheap shoes in June and was hoping to paint them, I was thinking of painting some Toms but I felt bad spending upwards of 50 dollars just for a blank canvas… I know that Toms gives back and all but I didnt want to paint them and then decide I hated them and never where them again, so 15 dollars was the price I paid for my white canvas shoes.  I looked online and found a little inspiration but decided to make something a little more textile and controlled, I guess I wanted them to look more like something I bought than something I painted.  II’ve been busy starting my sophomore year at Long Beach as an art major, for some reason every one of my teachers decided that the first weekend was a great time to start us off with crazy regimens of homework.. Well ironically my first drawing assignment was drawing a shoe.  Once I walked away and then looked at it again a few hours later, I realized that I drew it wrong and made the heel a little too fat.  I will soon find out the fate of my fat-heeled shoe, but I think it’s alright for my first attempt.

Have a great wednesday!



Soon to be a Giving Tree?

It’s amazing how painful painting can be when u are continuously raising ur arms up to reach the branches or leaves in the corners, I learned all about this pain while painting a tree for my high school biology teacher in her nursery for her new baby.. who is adorable i might add 😀

Painting this tree took me probably 10 to 12 hours.. it was such a strange feeling I walked into the nursery looked at the wall.. and started drawing, ON THE WALL!!!!! such a crazy feeling I was slightly worried my mom was going to come in and be upset with me.

This is a detail of probably the best part of the tree in my opinion… I think i love it just because it looks soo graceful and girly. The branches are almost caressing the leaves and I like the effect it makes 😀

more Gorgeousness that will eventuallybe hung from the tree, the stripped one was painted by my dear friend.. and the polka dotted one by my dear mother.  They took turns keeping me company and painted while i was painting my tree.  I can also let you know.. when my mom came in the room she didnt get mad at all for me painting on the wall.. instead she said it was cool 😀 pretty much the response every kid wants from their mom when they make a masterpiece on their wall. YAY!
 My mom also painted this gorgeous K and i added a little piece of me .. in the form of a key 😀 hopefully the parents will hang this on the door of her nursery.. I couldnt resist giving her, her first K i definitely love my K’s and none are nearly this cute!!

Have a glorious 4th of July and a lovely lovely Monday!


A Heartfelt Greeting

heart shaped keepsake box

I’m excited to finally be joining the blogging world -it sure has taken me long enough.  This has been a goal of mine for a while now, so finally making it happen by starting this blog is scary-yet-relieving.  I dont want to allow my expectations to overwhelm me so instead I intend to keep this blog for my own enjoyment and if anyone else happens to enjoy reading my jumbled thoughts and random inspiration then thats a plus for me.  Now that i have my expectations set low enough to not be discouraged I hope that I have learned enough from some of my own favorite bloggers to make this blog a reflection of my own personality and style.

bird's eye view

I made this box with a group of 3rd and 4th grade girls (they each had their own square box -which is easier to cover because square= no round parts) some of the girls got very creative while others just put one paper on each side of the box and were done with it, they all looked pretty cute and were nice little keepsakes for them to take home.  I really enjoyed making them, I ended up making about 5 total (not to mention finishing up some of the girl’s boxes) and I gave all away but this one, probably because it is a heart and just too cute for me not to keep myself.  It now houses my charm bracelet and sits proudly atop my desk. 

these are some of the girls boxes.

Have a wonderful Friday! 😀